Life With Doulamee

Thank you to those who have taken the time and submitted testimonials and photos. I love and appreciate my experiences with each of you. Attn New Clients: References are available upon request
"Molly is one of the most kind, compassionate, and comforting people I have ever met. This was my first child and so, naturally I had a lot of questions and some fears, surrounding labor. Molly’s ability to get me out of my own head and reassure me that I had strength and confidence, and that my body was made for MY baby was everything. She explains everything in a way that is very real, but makes sure that you are being educated and are truly aware of what your body, baby, and mind are going through. Molly introduced helpful breathing techniques for before and during labor, brought essential oil treatments to every meeting that truly work magic, and made sure that I knew she was there to make me feel comfortable, and that nothing was more of a priority. She also made sure that I was taking special care of my body and my mind to so that my baby and I could thrive and my baby could arrive in her own way. Including my partner in everything was huge and helped immensely to educate him and ease his mind over labor as well. When the day (or night, rather) came, she was right by my side the entire labor, making sure I was comfortable, as well as making sure my partner knew what was happening as we progressed. She was the perfect buffer between ourselves and the hospital staff, who we didn’t know and who had to be focused on other things. I made it through my labor with barely any Pitocin and no pain medication, and I don’t think I would have been able to get through it as confidently as I did without her. Molly’s support and knowledge gave me comfort in making my own decisions that I would have never felt. I am so grateful for that, and will be always. I have a beautiful healthy baby girl who came into the world with a calm surrounding all of us, and I know it was because of Molly. I will forever recommend a doula (specifically her, of course!) because now I can’t imagine going through pregnancy and labor without her!"  -Kira N. San Anselmo, Ca

"Molly was invaluable at our second birth and creating a fantastic experience. My first labor was very long and my recovery was extremely painful and took two months- I wish we had known Molly then! We had the great fortune to meet Molly right before welcoming our second child- What a difference she made! Molly educated me on various things that could help my labor process go smoother. These were things that nobody taught me the first time around and that were not covered in birth class, online birth resources or by my ob/gyn appointments. Molly also helped us think through care/contingency plans for our toddler which was a big concern. When labor actually hit, Molly made sure my birth plan was followed closely and had multiple copies on hand. Molly was instrumental in having a nurse removed from the birth room, when she mixed me up with another patient and helping my husband when he almost passed out when the first attempt at my epidural failed. Molly perfectly balanced being there for us and giving us space when we needed it. My recovery this time has been much faster, in large part to Molly’s efforts. As a direct result of this, I have been able to successfully breast feed! With my first experience, my milk never came in due to postpartum pain issues. Molly was amazing in helping us get clear on what was important to us and honoring those wishes. We highly recommend Molly.  If you are on the fence about hiring a Doula or had a prior poor Doula experience, Molly is a perfect fit for you. If we are blessed enough to have another child, she will be there if available."
- L Family, San Rafael, Ca

"Molly helped my husband and I to get our sanity back!  We were finding ourselves getting into bad sleep habits as the weeks progressed, because we were so desperate for sleep.  We reached out to Molly and she listened to our struggles and devised a sleep plan for the baby that was in line with her temperament and our comfort level. Molly was helpful and responsive as many questions came up during the process.  The baby now goes down for naps and bedtime by putting herself to sleep and has a sleep schedule that leaves her feeling much more rested and happy. Turning to Molly for support took the pressure off of us, which was a huge relief!" - T Family, Marin Ca

 "With Molly as my doula, I never felt alone. Molly went above and beyond to make sure every question I had was answered and every concern I had was addressed. During my pregnancy, Molly helped me become more comfortable on what I wanted in my birth plan and when I voiced concern about previous experiences, she took the time to find better ways to approach tough subjects. Molly advocated for me when I was in labor and when I was unable to be completely present and advocate for myself. I felt totally listened to and understood; even when I questioned myself, Molly was able to reassure me that what I was feeling and experiencing was completely normal and okay. I would recommend Molly in a heartbeat; she clearly has a strong passion for her work and compassion for her clients." - Patricia M. Mill Valley, Ca

"I spent extra skin to skin time with baby and made those few changes you said to and she cried for less than one minute today! Wow! This is amazing, thank you again so much!" - A Family, Austin Texas
"Working with Molly was great! Like a friend once said "The key to a great doula is being intuitive." That is exactly what Molly was! She knew when I needed help, and when I just wanted my husband. She had great ideas to help with pain, and when I had a lot of back labor her poor hands/wrists never stopped massaging! The best thing I can say about Molly is she knew my birth goals and gave me the support I needed to achieve them even when I wanted to give up. I know for a fact that if she wasn't there, I would have given in and gotten an epidural. I am eternally grateful for her help and support in achieving the birth I wanted! Thank you Molly once again for all you did!" - Meghan C. Walnut Creek, Ca

"Molly assisted me with postpartum care with my son prior to me returning to work. Her nickname quickly became the "nap queen" because she magically was able to get him to nap even after being overtired. My son was never a good sleeper and she aided me in assisting him in learning to sleep longer stretches. Her motherly demeanor is extremely calming in nature and she truly became one of the family! As I am expecting #2 I am already looking forward to using her as my doula for labor and delivery as well as postpartum care!" - Melissa R. Petaluma, Ca

Ascher has been thriving through sleep training and our lives are forever changed, thank you thank you" - Jacqueline J, San Francisco Ca
 "The guidance Molly provided my husband and I before, during and after labor was invaluable. Not only did she create a calming environment to bring our little man into the world (string lights and all) she remained by our side for hours advocating for us during what turned out to be a bit of a hectic delivery. I can’t say enough about our experience with you Molly - thank you!" - Monica S. Berkeley, Ca
“Molly was great! One of the most helpful things about Molly, was that she was 100% there for me during labor, but also recognized when I wanted and needed space while laboring. My husband never once felt displaced, the three of us worked so well together- we were a good team! When Molly left he said to me “Babe, we need her here for every birth” Molly definitely marked all of our doula boxes!”- G Family Santa Rosa, Ca
"Our prenatal visits with Molly were so great! When we were driving to work one day after one, I said to my partner “I got teary eyed when we were talking for a second” He responded with “I did too, a couple of times!” Molly is Magic, whatever she did stuck with us all day after our prenatal visits. It was so empowering, I can’t wait to learn more! Working with Molly made things so real and she was so encouraging. I don’t know what my experience would be like without Molly, but I sure am glad I don’t have to find out!" - N. Family 
San Francisco Ca
"Molly was an amazing Doula! No matter what time of day it was, Molly was there and supportive. Molly supported every choice we made during my pregnancy & my daughter’s birth. Molly is a loving and caring friend and Doula, I would absolutely recommend her to anyone." -Gabby M Santa Rosa, Ca
"Molly is a baby whisperer! Molly is very in tune with infant cues and being able to communicate those with us was extremely helpful." - Mike R. Petaluma, Ca

"Thank you so much Molly! We immediately applied your tips and plan  after our chat. We think we finished the 4 month sleep regression and naps have started to be a whole hour, sometimes more. Last night she sleep for 5 hours straight. Thank you again for your help, we already notice a change in her sleep quality and both nap time and bedtime have become so much easier." V Family, Chicago IL
Molly has a calm and gentle energy that assures you, that everything that is happening is occurring just the way it should. Her presence and perception were so greatly appreciated and not limited to just birth but throughout my postpartum healing as well. I highly recommend Molly who has an incredible passion for living, loving and life.
- C. Scop, Mill Valley Ca
"Molly joined our birth team late, as it took a while for my husband I and I to convince ourselves we needed a doula. I was delivering at a birth center with midwives, so we thought a doula might be redundant. Boy were we wrong! Molly was the perfect teammate, providing a level of attention that wasn't practical for a midwife with dozens of patients, and made me feel confident that the details would be taken care of so my husband could focus on supporting me. During my labor and birth Molly moved around the room like a birth ninja, suddenly appearing with water or electrolytes then slipping away to give us privacy, applying counterpressure to my back so my husband could hold my hand and help me breathe, and overall being a constant yet unobtrusive cheerleader reminding me that in her vast experience she knew I could handle the sensations and was doing a good job. It's apparent in the way she talks about her work that Molly is passionate about helping bring babies into the world, and I feel fortunate to have had her in my corner during the birth of my first child."  -Misa G. San Francisco Ca
"Our initial connect meeting Molly was such a huge relief as my husband and I began navigating birthing options and labor. Her warm-hearted and flexible point of view truly made us feel ready for the delivery of our first child. Molly was super responsive leading up to my labor and even with a few complications and potential early starts, she made it her top priority to ensure she was available for us as I was initially admitted into the hospital. Her presence during labor was something I will never forget. She was a constant space of love and reassurance and worked alongside me through every contraction and the hills and valleys of labor. She was a guiding voice that helped my husband and I navigate all the questions and choices prior and during labor. We feel so grateful that Molly was a part of our birth experience and we couldn't have done it without her!"
- Erica and Ryan W, Oakland