Remember Who You Are - The Marybethe Escobar Project

Dear Friends,

This space is very dear and near to me, both professionally and personally. Thank you for visiting my site, and for allowing me to share a bit of my story here.

I am building my career as a doula because of one very special person, my mother, Marybethe Escobar. Her strength motivates me; her wisdom anchors me to the virtue of patience and the value of self-acceptance; and her example of unconditional support leads me to love more fully. Like for so many of us, my mom is my superhero.

In 2015, my mother lost her hard-fought battle against pancreatic cancer. Partnership and community sustained me through the grief of losing my mother, and I am called to find many ways to support others experiencing the same heartbreak. 
I would like to open the invitation to join me in this support! Please consider volunteering or making a donation in Marybethe Escobar's name to one of the following organizations:

American Cancer Society
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network
Hospice by the Bay

My mother's bravery has made me fierce and her endurance has given me hope.  Thank you for supporting my work to honor the legacy of her spirit, for listening and for the continued friendship always. 

Molly Elizabethe Escobar